Thai Spa Nirvana

Every day opened from 10:30 - 21:30

Stadhouderskade 83c

1073 AT, Amsterdam
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Ceintuurbaan 135H

1072 GA, Amsterdam

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Thai Spa Nirvana

Nirvana. The word litteraly means ‘blown out’. The imperturbable silence of the mind after burning desire, aversion and delusion are finally extinguished. Ultimate peace. Threat yourself after a tough day of work. And achieve Nirvana.

Thai Spa Nirvana has a showerroom. Don’t deter to undergo one of our aroma or oil therapies. You will be able to fully refresh afterwards and continue your day. There is a twin room at your disposal with two single massage tables. You will be able to achieve Nirvana with your partner, friend of colleague both together.

We do not offer erotic massages nor any other sexual acts!


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